Get to know the wonderful authors attending YA Fest in October!

Tiffany Schmidt

Author of Bright Before Sunrise, Send Me a Sign, and Hold Me Like a Breath.

schmidtYA Fest: Favorite YA authors?
Tiffany Schmidt: Stephanie Perkins, Libba Bray, Holly Black, Ally Carter, David Levithan
YA Fest: Favorite YA books from the past year (2014/2015)?
Tiffany: Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers, The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma, Kieran Scott’s swoony True Love trilogy


YA Fest: How/why did you start writing?
Tiffany: I’ve never not been a storyteller. My mom loves to tell anyone who will listen how I used to use the time out chair as the stage for my tales about “The beautiful princess Tiffany and the evil witch named Mommy who trapped her away in a tower.” I’d go on and on until my mom grew exasperated and let me out of time out. This was my first lesson in the power of a good story—it saves you from punishment.


YA Fest: One piece of advice for young writers?
Tiffany: Keep trying! Writing is like any other skill. You don’t run a marathon your first time lacing up sneakers, or play a concerto the first time you tickle the ivories. It also takes time, dedication, and patience to hone and develop your craft as a writer. Don’t be scared of feedback! Try new things. Challenge yourself! But most importantly, make time to get words on your page (or computer screen).


YA Fest: What are you currently working on?  (Give us your elevator pitch!)
Tiffany: HOLD ME LIKE A BREATH, the first book in my Once Upon a Crime Family series came out this May. The books are YA fairy tale reimaginings set inside crime families that traffic human organs (yes, really!).  I’m currently finishing up the last read through of the second book, BREAK ME LIKE A PROMISE, which will be out June 7, 2016. It is a reimagining of the frog prince with a sass-for-days, take-no-prisoners heir of a crime family instead of a princess, and involves hacking, kidneys, blackmail… and kissing.


YA Fest: Are your characters/stories inspired by real people/events?
Tiffany: The Once Upon a Crime Family series is inspired by classic fairy tales AND contemporary issues with organ transplants and organ trafficking. I know that it might not seem like those two topics go together, but I think I make it work. *wink*


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