Get to know more of the wonderful authors that are going to be signing at YA Fest in October 2015.

Kelly Hashway

Author of Touch of Death (series) and Monster Within (series).

Kelly Hashway
Kelly Hashway

YA Fest: Favorite YA authors? Illustrators you admire?
Kelly Hathaway: I’ve admired Becca Fitzpatrick since she first became published. I think she’s an incredibly talented writer, who is very much in touch with her fans.

YA Fest: Favorite YA books from the past year (2014/2015)?
Kelly: I love the Runes series by Ednah Walters, so I’m going to have to go with book four in the series, Witches. I can’t get enough of Raine and Torin. The book has a great blend of mythology, magic, and romance.
YA Fest: How/why did you start writing?
Kelly: I can remember writing in elementary school. It’s just always been part of who I am. I think it’s because I’ve always been a big reader. I tend to get a lot of story ideas, and I can’t help but put them down on screen.
YA Fest: One piece of advice for young writers?
Kelly: Read. Read everything you can get your hands on, because learning from other authors is the best form of research. It’s also the most fun form of research.

YA Fest: What are you currently working on?  (Give us your elevator pitch!)
Kelly: I have a few projects in the works at the moment, ranging from middle grade to young adult to new adult. They are all at different stages of revision, which is probably my favorite part of the writing process.
YA Fest: Are your characters/stories inspired by real people/events?

Kelly: My stories are usually inspired by real emotions but not necessarily real events. However, I have later incorporated real events that happened to me in high school into my books. Usually they are ones that either had a big emotional impact on me or were embarrassing, since I apparently have this strange need to embarrass myself. 😉


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