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We are looking to update our YA Fest PA logo for the next festival.  But, Jennifer Murgia and Ashley Supinski are NOT artists.  That’s where YOU come in!  We would love to have someone who loves YA Fest design our logo for us.  Interested?  Keep reading!

The logo should…

  • Include the words YA Fest PA somewhere on the logo.
  • Have something to do with books/reading.
  • Be simple.
  • Be inclusive — we embrace our diverse readers, so having a girl read isn’t going to help get boy readers interested.
  • Avoid color, if possible.  We’re aiming for a Black/White/Grey logo so we can play with colors.
  • Be your own design/artwork!

If your logo is chosen, you will get FULL credit on our website for the logo design.  We’ll even throw you a virtual party to celebrate your awesomeness!  (You may initial your artwork, but please make it small so it doesn’t deter from cropping the image if necessary.)

If you want to send us your creation, please fill out this form: Google Form to Submit Your ArtworkGoogle Form to Submit Your Artwork.

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2017.

Edit! There is no compensation for the artwork, but our sincere thanks. 🙂  You do not need to be a professional artist to submit your work — in fact, we hope that our teen readers and guests will submit their artwork for this new logo!  Questions? Email Ashley at yafest2012@gmail.com.


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