YA Fest 2015 took place on October 10, 2015 at Palmer Branch of the Easton Area Public Library.  We hosted 32 Young Adult authors, including best-selling authors Wendy Higgins and Martina Boone!  Books were available to purchase thanks to Barnes & Noble.  (Karen Rose and her team is amazing.  They had every book the authors had written and published!)

Due to generous donations from publishers and authors, we were able to raffle off 23 huge stacks of books!

A look at the raffles from YA Fest 2015. Thank you to those who donated!
A look at the raffles from YA Fest 2015. Thank you to those who donated!

Unfortunately, we did not have an Author Panel this year.

Micol Ostow (who was unable to attend because of a bad case of bronchitis) did Skype with Ashley’s Cocoa Club to talk about her new book THE DEVIL AND WINNIE FLYNN.

YA Authors in Attendance

  • Lisa Amowitz
  • Cyn Balog
  • Martina Boone (First Time Attendee!)
  • Lisa Colozza Cocca
  • Molly Cochran
  • Robin Constantine (First Time Attendee!)
  • Kelly Fiore (First Time Attendee!)
  • Alison Ashley Formento
  • Janice Gable Bashman (First Time Attendee!)
  • Margie Gelbwasser
  • Kelly Hashway
  • Wendy Higgins (First Time Attendee!)
  • Amalie Howard
  • Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki (First Time Attendees!)
  • Kate Karyus Quinn (First Time Attendee!)
  • Elizabeth LaBan (First Time Attendee!)
  • Demitria Lunetta
  • Mindy McGinnis (First Time Attendee!)
  • Page Morgan
  • Jennifer Murgia
  • Lea Nolan (First Time Attendee!)
  • Michael Northrop (We were an official book tour stop for Scholastic!)
  • Rajdeep Paulus
  • Tiffany Schmidt
  • Kieran Scott (First Time Attendee!)
  • Jon Skorvon
  • Tom Tancin
  • Yvonne Ventescra (First Time Attendee!)