5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi, Kathryn-
    That would be awesome! There are two coordinators. Myself (Ashley), and Jennifer Murgia. I can speak from the library’s perspective, and Jennifer really talks about the event’s origins and creating, gathering, etc.

    You can contact us both at yafest2012@gmail.com.


  2. My daughter and my nephew are both avid readers at the of 10. Do you think it would be appropriate to bring them to YA FEST? I was also thinking of talking to some of my Junior Scouts between 10-11 yrs old about YA FEST. Some of my girls are really into reading, etc. What are your thoughts, to young, alright? I was at your event last year and thought it would be appropriate, however when I look up age range it says 12- up.

    1. Hi, Patricia-

      There are some authors that are good for younger readers. It’s more that content may not be suitable for under 13 years old. So, as long as the parents OK the books for the kids, I don’t see why they couldn’t attend and get a few titles or at least talk to authors! We’ll have a complete list of books available soon, and you can also look up the authors for more information.

      Young Adult is classified as “12-17” at our library, which is why it’s listed this way. But we want everyone to come and have a good time, no matter what!

      Also, there’s YA Fest Jr which is “Middle Grade” (grades 3-6) on April 25th if you’re interested.


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